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Why do I need to show a photo ID for a massage?

We ask for a photo ID for the safety and security of our staff.  

We also want to be sure the ID matches the name on any credit or debt cards being used for the security of those owning the cards.

Are all the therapists licensed?

All of the therapists that work at NVS are fully licensed in the State of Oregon.  Most are licensed in other states as well.

How long is a one hour massage?

Your appointment is scheduled for one hour. This included the time you spend dressing and also speaking with your therapist about any allergies or health issues may have.  The actual massage is approximately 50 minutes. 

Can I choose a different therapist or do I always have the same one?

You can choose any therapist you like, depending on availability. 

Is it ok to tip?

 A gratuity is a nice way of expressing appreciation to your therapist.  Introductory massages and club members are welcome to leave a gratuity with the therapist or at the reception desk.  The receptionist can also offer suggestions on amounts for the services received if you have questions.

For those clients using their insurance benefits- We ask that they not tip.

I have a cold. Can I still get a massage?

For the health of everyone else, if you have a cold it is best to stay home and get rest. We wouldn't want any of the therapists or other clients exposed.  We would be happy to rebook your appointment on a day you are feeling better.

Do you take insurance?

We accept many health insurance plans.  We would be happy to check your benefits before your visit.  (Deductible may apply.)

Do you take walk ins or do I need an appointment?

We do our best to accommodate walk in clients, however, it isn't always possible.  It is always best to make an appointment.  You can click on the Book Online Now button on the home page to schedule.  You will be able to book by therapist or by time availability.

Inappropriate comments or behavior?

Licensed Massage Therapists are professionals and will act in an appropriate manner while in massage. We ask that clients show them the same respect they would like to recieve.  A therapist may end a session if someone is acting in an inappropriate manner or making suggestive remarks.