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I have never had a massage before. What can I expect?

There is no need to be nervous when receiving your first massage.  It is a wonderful and relaxing experience.  Our therapists are all very professional and will make you feel at ease.

How it works:
*On arrival you will need to check in at the reception desk. There is a minimal amount of paperwork. The first page is a standard intake form. The second page is for your therapist to take notes on during your consultation. Once your paperwork is complete your therapist will come and greet you at the front desk.
*You will be taken to a private therapy room where you can discuss the type of massage you would like. You may want to just relax or you may want to target specific areas.  Communicating with your therapist is key to the best possible experience.  Discuss any allergies you may have or skin conditions.  (Dressing and consultation times varies-  on average it takes approximately 10 minutes.)
*Your therapist will then exit the room to allow you to disrobe to your comfort level.  Some people to choose to disrobe completely while others only partially disrobe.  You will then lay on the massage table under the top sheet. 
*Your therapist will knock before reentering the room to ensure you are covered. You will always remain 'draped' with a sheet except for those specific areas the therapist is working on.
*Be sure and communicate with your therapist during your massage.  Let them know if the pressure they are using is comfortable or if you are experiencing any pain.
*Upon completion, your therapist will again exit the room to allow you to dress. Open the door when you are fully clothed.  The therapist will provide you with a bottle of water while walking you to the reception desk.  Hydration is very important after a massage.
*At the reception desk you can pay for your introductory massage. They will also give you information on our massage club and the different membership options and discounts.
It is that easy!

You may want to show appreciation to your massage therapist for their services by leaving a gratuity.